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Sleep Tape Instructions for Sleep Apnea

Approximately 10% of children snore and about 1% have OSA. The greatest incidence is from 2-8 years of age when the tonsil and adenoid tissue is relatively greatest in size and the frequency of Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) is highest.

Parents need to record an audio or video tape of the child in a deep sleep. About one hour after the child is asleep (or one hour before waking up), turn them on their back with no more than one pillow under their head. Pull the bed covers down so you can see the rise and fall of the child's chest as they breathe. Set the video camera or tape recording device to record. If you are video taping, aim to view the head, chest and upper abdomen. You may have to record 30-60 minutes.

Before you return for your child's follow-up appointment, you will then have to personally review the recording and fast forward to the part where you think your child is having difficulty breathing. Example: obstructive pauses, breath holding, decreased chest movement, struggling movements, restless movements with frequent turning.

Bring the recording and recording device with you to the follow-up office visit pre-set to the area of concern.


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