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Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery

Instructions for Dr. Soltany's Patients

The following is a general guide and should cover most of the common situations which may arise. If special problems occur, please call and leave a message for our Triage Nurse at 703-573-7600 ext. 1106, Monday through Friday 9AM-4PM. A physician is on call for after-hours problems which cannot wait until the office reopens.

Please note that Dr Soltany uses sponge nasal packing after septoplasty surgery and may also use the same sponge packing after some sinus surgeries.

  • This type of nasal packing has plastic straws inside of it. These straws will allow some airflow during your recovery period.
  • The nasal packing and straws are removed three days after surgery.
  • You may irrigate the plastic straws with distilled water or sterile water to keep them open if the plastic straws become clogged and nasal breathing will add to your comfort.  Irrigation of the straws can be accomplished by using a small bulb syringe or a 5cc syringe.
  • NOTE: DO NOT irrigate your nose until the third day after surgery when Dr. Soltany has removed your sponge packing.  Nasal irrigation with the Neil Med Saline Rinse bottle to squirt the solution into your nose 3-4 times a day cannot be started until Dr. Soltany has removed the  nasal packing.
  • If you have questions about these instructions, please speak with Dr. Soltany on your day of surgery.

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