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Nosebleed Instructions

The following instructions will help with minor as well as major nosebleeds.

  1. If packing has been inserted, follow your physician’s instructions for removal.
  2. If no packing was placed in your nose:

    • Do not disturb the scab that has formed.
    • Elevate your head when resting for 48 hours.
    • Do not blow your nose for 1 week or bleeding may reoccur. Wipe beneath the nose gently with a tissue.
    • It is normal to see mucus discharge mixed with old blood for several days.
    • If you have to sneeze, sneeze with your mouth open.
    • Avoid lifting, bending over, or strenuous activity for 1 week.
    • Avoid alcohol, aspirin, or NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin) for 1 week.
    • Avoid hot drinks for 48 hours.
    • Use of a bedside cool mist humidifier to add moisture to the air may be helpful.
    • Petroleum jelly (Vaseline or Ayr gel) should be applied to the front of the nasal passages along the bony septum in the middle of the nose twice a day for 10-14 days.
    • Buffered saline nasal spray (Ocean nasal spray, Ayr mist, etc.) may also be used twice a day to add moisture.
    • Keep your follow-up appointment if instructed or return in 2 weeks

  3. If the bleeding starts again:

    • Sit down and firmly squeeze the lower half of the nose between your thumb and index finger (so that the nostrils are closed). Lean forward to avoid swallowing the blood and breathe through your mouth. Wait at least 10 minutes before checking to see if the bleeding has stopped. If you are still bleeding, continue to hold for 10 more minutes.
    • If bleeding continues, spray 2 puffs of Afrin nasal decongestant spray into each nostril and squeeze the nose for another 10 minutes. If the bleeding continues after all of the above steps, call your doctor or go to the Emergency Room.



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